Star Joint Fire District

10565 W. State Street, Star, Idaho 83669
Phone: 208-286-7772 Fax: 208-286-7784

Commissioners: Ryan Hensen President
  Steve Martin Secretary
  Jared Moyle Treasurer
Staff: Greg Timinsky Chief
  Kelly Chad Captain
  Ryan Hood Captain
  Dave Sparks Captain
  Tim McMahan Engineer
  Danny Garringer Engineer
  Mike Buck Engineer
  Adam Ward Firefighter
  Dustin Gardner Firefighter
  Ernie Randolph Firefighter
  Jeremy Redden Firefighter
  John Ford Firefighter
  Drew Oakes Firefighter
Volunteers: None at this time


The Star Fire District offers public programs like Fire Prevention Education and Senior Adult Education. The District also provides emergency assistance with its burn out fund.

In 2014, the Star Fire District responded to 315 June YTD fire calls, 184 rescue/EMS calls and 131 other dispatched calls.


District Coverage:


Meeting Room rental: $25.00

Firework Stands: $50.00

Land Use Fees: Contact Fire Department



First Aid & CPR

First Aid & CPR Classes are offered on a requested basis.


Fire Public Safety

  • It is that time of year when if we take just a few moments and follow some simple safety tips we should all have a much safer and happier Holiday season.
  • Have your heating unit inspected for proper operation as the longer the cold weather continues the harder the heating unit will work. The inspection may uncover some hidden problems that could be a fire or carbon monoxide issue.
  • If you use a wood burning stove have it and the chimney inspected by a professional prior to use and remember that burning dry seasoned wood will reduce the creosote buildup in your chimney. And remember to periodically check your chimney for creosote and clean it as needed. This will reduce your change of having a chimney fire.
  • Do not use extension cords with space heaters and ensure the heater is unplugged when you leave the room.
  • Never store combustible material next to any heating appliance.

If you put up a live Christmas tree ensure it is fresh by gently pulling on the branches and seeing if the needles come off in your hand. Cut the bottom one to two inches off so it will take water when you put it in the stand. And ensure that the stand if full of water on a daily basis. And never use lighted candles around a live Christmas tree.

  • Ensure that the lights you put on your tree are in good working order with no broken or bare wires. Be sure to shut your lights off when you go to bed or leave your home.

Hopefully you find the above information helpful. If you have any questions, please contact the Star Fire Protection District.


Star City Hall


10769 W. State Street
Star, Idaho  83669

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 130
Star, ID  83669

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