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Star Post Office

10780 W. State Street, Star, Idaho 83669
Phone: 208-286-7304

In 1890, the first post office for Star settlers was located in a room at Mr. S. Shepherd Gray's house. A mail carrier from Boise came out with mail twice weekly in a one horse, two-wheeled cart. Mr. Gray also handled a few groceries and tobacco. In 1890, David Foutch took over post office along with operating a large general store in his home where he handled groceries, dry goods, patent medicine and tobacco.

In 1900, the first post office for the City of Star was located on the corner of State Street and Union in the home of the postmistress, Mrs. Stucker. Mrs. Stucker remained postmistress until 1905.

Mr. L.B. Wehr then gave up his barber-shop to become postmaster in a small post office building (14" X 20') which was located on the corner of N. Star Road and First Street . A new post office was built in 1907 and moved to State Street between Main and Knox in 1910. The post office was located in the front of the building and he and Mr. Palmer had groceries in the back.

In 1911, Mr. Wehr built another post office on the corner of State Street and Knox. Mail service for Star came from Boise at 7:45 am and from Caldwell at 5:15 pm.

In 1936, the post office was again moved, this time to the north end of the bank building, on the corner of State Street and Main , on the ground floor. After thirty-one and a half years as postmaster of Star, Mr. Wehr resigned in 1936 and moved to Caldwell.

Mrs. George Pollard then became postmistress and served until 1939 when Sibyl Rudisell became postmistress until her retirement in August, 1970. In the mid 1960's the post office moved to a new building located on First Street, behind the Star Mercantile. Agnes Reynaldson became postmistress upon Rudisell's retirement until 1982 when Kay Helmick took the position.

In 1998, Janine Townsend became the new Postmaster. She coordinated the move to the new constructed building located at 10780 W State St. in August of 2000. After Janine's retirement in May of 2010 Cheryl Hess became the new Postmaster on October 24th, 2010. Cheryl and her staff currently deliver to approximately 2636 addresses and 491 post office boxes. The Star post office delivery boundaries extend from Hillsdale Estates to the north, to the West of Highway 16, the Boise River on the south and East of Kingsbury Road, going into Canyon County; having expanded from one delivery route to four. Besides the postmaster, staff includes three regular carriers, three substitute carriers, and two clerks.


Star City Hall


10769 W. State Street
Star, Idaho  83669

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P.O. Box 130
Star, ID  83669

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