Star Elementary

700 N. Star Road, Star, Idaho 83669
Phone: 208-855-4110

Principal: Carla Karnes

Staff: 40

Teachers: 26


School History

The first schoolhouse, was built in the 1870's on land donated by B.F. Swalley. The 1870s school with the original star was moved in 1887 to Star and later replaced in 1903 by a two-story, four room, brick schoolhouse on River Street. In 1912, a four year high school was built north of the old school. That same year a Parent Teacher Circle, later the PTA, was formed and became an integral part of school activities. In 1937, the second story of the high school was removed and the bricks were used to build on a new south wing. A gym addition was built in 1959.

The existing Star Elementary school was built in 1976, north of the gym, and the old high school was later demolished. Two architectural ornaments with a star and the "S" in the center were salvaged from the 1912 school and are now located in the planter in front of the gym.

Curriculum for elementary students includes kindergarten through fifth grade.

The elementary school houses 530 students. This structure is well maintained and has been periodically remodeled over the years to improve efficiency, safety and comfort. Modular buildings have been added to accommodate additional students.

Secondary education of students in the City of Star is provided by Eagle Middle School and Eagle High School. Students are conveniently bussed to these schools by the Meridian School District.

The school is a neighborhood elementary school with a focus on community, technology, and teaching children to be responsible, hard-working problems solvers.


Star City Hall


10769 W. State Street
Star, Idaho  83669

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 130
Star, ID  83669

Phone Number