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Building Dept: 286-0074
Inspection Line: 286-9071
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  • Deb Lewis - Building Clerk
  • Daunt Whitman - Building Official
  • Dennis Holte - Plumbing Inspector
  • Terry Medley - Mechanical Inspector
  • Shane Vigil - Electrical Inspector

General Information

The Building Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the officially adopted building codes, as well as the City Unified Code and Ordinances. The two processes performed by the City Building Department are the plan check and the on-site inspection(s).

The purpose of the Building Department is to ensure that all development within the City of Star meets the International Building Code, National Electrical Code and Uniform Plumbing Code standards to safeguard health, property, and public welfare by regulating construction, quality of materials, occupancy, and location of new and existing structures.

Procedure for Obtaining a Building Permit

All applicants must complete a Building Permit Application. Applications can be obtained from the Building Department at City Hall, or downloaded on the City website. The Building Permit Application must be submitted to the Building Department at City Hall, complete with all required documentation and signed by the applicant, or the applicant’s representative.

Phone-In Permit System

The City has established a phone-in permit system for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits required by the ordinances and resolutions of the city. Qualified, licensed contractors may obtain permits by telephone or faxing applications to City Hall in lieu of purchasing permits in person at city hall. (See process for “Call In Permits)

Plan Requirements for Building Permit Application Submission:

  • Sets of Full Size Plans, as required by the Building Department.
  • All Commercial Plans must be stamped by an architect and/or an engineer licensed in the State of Idaho.
  • See Specific Requirements for Commercial or Residential
  • Plans must be to scale, no smaller than 1” to 100’. Residential plans no smaller than “11 X 17”.
  • Plan sets must include: Site plan, foundation plan, Concrete Detail, all four (4) elevations, Roof Framing Detail, Floor Framing Plan and Floor Plan. At least one elevation shall contain the site’s record grade and finished grade.
  • Elevation Certificate(s), as required by the City’s Flood Plain Ordinance, and/or Zoning Administrator.

Plans will be reviewed for compliance with the International Building Codes and all other adopted codes, including the Unified City Code.

Please allow up to three to four weeks between plan submittal and permit issuance for Residential projects, and four to six weeks for Commercial projects.

The Building Department will notify the applicant when the plan review is complete and the building permit is ready to be picked up.

Note:Footings are to be a minimum of 24 inches below frost level.
Excavation for footings is considered “start of work” and therefore a permit is required.


The following inspections are required. Please call for these inspections not less than 24 hours in advance. All re-inspection fees must be paid current at the time of an inspection request.

Residential Building Permits

FOOTINGS - All steel to be secured in place (Make sure property pins are accurate for setback requirements.
FRAMING - After plumbing, electrical, HVAC, (air seal installed).
ENERGY - After insulation and vapor barrier has been installed.
FINAL - Prior to occupancy of the structure.


FOOTINGS - All steel to be secured in place (Make sure property pins are accurate for setback requirements.
FRAMING - After plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and insulation has been installed.
STEM WALLS - All steel secured in place. Include seismic hold downs.
ENERGY - After all windows and doors have been installed and sealed.
FINAL - Prior to occupancy of the structure.

INSULATION INSPECTIONS - optional and will be scheduled by request of the applicant.

Other inspections such as sheetrock, shear wall nailing, firewall construction and masonry unit construction may be required, depending on the nature of the project. Inspections will be determined at the time of permit issuance. Additional fees may be assessed for these inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum square footage required for a Building Permit in the City of Star?
All new construction and remodel construction 200 square feet and larger require a Building Permit in the City of Star. Sheds and< outbuildings are under this category.

What if it is a Patio Cover/Awning or Pergola?
Anything over 200 sq ft not attached requires a building permit and must meet subdivision setbacks. ** If attached, regardless of size, a permit is required** Applications submitted must include: Sketch of plans or project List of materials and site plan Allow 15 ft into 20 ft setbacks—5 ft from property line Copy of proposed bid

Does the City of Star require a Building Permit to remodel an existing house?
YES. The building code states a Building Permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any structure. A Building Permit is not required when repainting a structure. Windows do not need permits provided the size of the window openings will not change; enlarging the size or changing location will require a permit. Re-siding the entire structure requires a building permit. Doors require a building permit only if the size of the opening is being altered or expanding.

I want to put in a deck, what is required?
Decks, attached or detached require a permit. Decks must meet 30” above finish grade and requires handrails. Span charts and nailing schedules. Application should include plans, site plan, list of materials and proposed bid of project.

Does the City of Star require a Building Permit to re-roof an
existing structure?

YES. A Building Permit is required for re-roofing of all projects.

Does the City of Star require a Building Permit for a fence?
NO for anything under 6 feet. However, a fence must meet the setback requirements of the subject property’s zoning designation and any other regulations as stated in the City of Star Unified Development Code. Retaining walls over four (4) ft do require a permit.

What are the requirements to pour a concrete slab?
No permit required regardless of size.

Does the City of Star require a Building Permit for a Manufactured Home?
YES. A manufactured home requires a Building Permit. The Building Official will require the same site information required from an applicant seeking a building permit for a single family dwelling.

Does the City of Star require a Building Permit for an “Ag Building”?
NO. An “Ag Building” as defined in the International Building Code does not require a Building Permit, but must meet the setback requirements of the subject property’s zoning designation and the City of Star Unified Code.



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